The Read Quarterly will be a forum in which global children’​s​ literature can be discussed, dissected and celebrated. Created by​ c​hildren’​s ​literature enthusiasts Sarah Odedina and Kate Manning, this digital magazine will provide​ a​n environment in which writers, illustrators and readers​ c​an share their ​e​nthusiasm for this rich area of our literary heritage.  The Read Quarterly will aim to introduce new ideas and challenge old ones as it embarks to create an environment which will embrace a truly diverse range of authors on a multitude of subjects.

There wi​l​l be a host of articles covering all sorts of subjects from profiles of small artisan publishing houses to profiles of authors and illustrators from around the world, articles about the creative brains behind the works published for young readers and critical discussions of genres, trends and styles. We will discuss themes and theories and always look for original and fresh approaches to our subjects.

Thank you for visiting our website.  And please get in touch with your comments to sarah@thereadquarterly.com

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  1. I would like to subscribe to the Read Quaterly managazine.
    Kind regards,
    Elaine Reeeves
    Usborne Publishing
    020 8636 3780

    1. Do keep an eye on the website. At the moment we will be digital only and working towards a print edition.
      Thanks for your support!

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