Historical fiction – a window and a mirror

I am writing a talk I am going to be giving at the AFCC in May this year about historical fiction and the way in which reading about the past can help us understand the present.  Ideas and opinions I had before I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) have been challenged and expanded by talking to authors, reading articles, re-reading books.  It is a refreshing experience to think ones way through things and come out with a different opinion.

The one thing however which remains constant for me is my belief that reading is and has to be fun.  Without enjoyment and escapism and adventure reading becomes a chore, or a lesson and like medicine can be a bit tricky to swallow.

In the meantime what better excuse do I need for rereading When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, Witch Child, War Horse, Sawbones and so many other wonderful narrative driven stories.  Stories that tell us about our past, help us understand ourselves and our present day, and offer us an opportunity to refine our beliefs and opinions which will shape our future.

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