Fancy something new to read?



How delicious it is to sit down with a magazine and not be entirely sure what you are going to find between its page, to have a sense of excitement and curiosity about what will be there.  That is the feeling we are hoping to engender and encourage when people subscribe to Scoop.

Scoop is a new magazine for children between the ages of 8 and 12.  It will be jam packed full of wonderful content by a fantastic range of writers and illustrators offering all sorts of different children something to tickle their reading fancy.

From Catherine Johnson to Gareth Jones, Emerald Fennell to Piers Torday, Chris Priestley to Lucy Coats the fiction will be a rich mix of voices and perspectives.  From a look at the fun of cycling to how to paint a flower like Georgia O’Keefe we will have a range of activities.  From writing a play to writing a poem we will encourage interaction.  There will be graphic novel fiction and non-fiction, quizzes, competitions, reviews of exhibitions around the country as well as  reviews of books.  There won’t be a moments boredom and all this and so much more from the likes of Tom Stoppard, Neil Gaiman, Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin ….

So, who are we?  We are Clementine Macmillan-Scott the founder of the magazine.  She has worked as Coordinator of the Galle Literary Festival in Sri Lanka and the Galle Children’s Festival. And me.  Editor-in-Chief, commisioning content and working with contributors.  Our Marketing Director Joanne Owen, a children’s and YA author and reviewer, who has worked for Bloomsbury Children’s, Macmillan Children’s, Walker Books and Nosy Crow.  We all love reading, care about what children read and want that to be fun, quality, accessible and challenging.

Our aim is to enthuse children about the written word in as many ways as possible and publishing monthly at £3.99 per issue it is an irresistible purchase.  The website goes live in the 1st September with lots of exciting content until then you can visit the site to register for a subscription  We are on twitter and instagram @scoop_the_mag and the first issue will publish on the 23rd September.

Why not subscribe for someone you know.  At £39.99 what a perfect year round birthday, Christmas or any-day present.

Historical fiction – a window and a mirror

I am writing a talk I am going to be giving at the AFCC in May this year about historical fiction and the way in which reading about the past can help us understand the present.  Ideas and opinions I had before I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) have been challenged and expanded by talking to authors, reading articles, re-reading books.  It is a refreshing experience to think ones way through things and come out with a different opinion.

The one thing however which remains constant for me is my belief that reading is and has to be fun.  Without enjoyment and escapism and adventure reading becomes a chore, or a lesson and like medicine can be a bit tricky to swallow.

In the meantime what better excuse do I need for rereading When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, Witch Child, War Horse, Sawbones and so many other wonderful narrative driven stories.  Stories that tell us about our past, help us understand ourselves and our present day, and offer us an opportunity to refine our beliefs and opinions which will shape our future.