Launching Scoop magazine

At the start of this year I met Clemmie Macmillan-Scott in a cafe in Soho and she told me about her vision for a magazine for young readers aged between 8 and 12 that would offer them fiction, poetry, cultural affairs, politics, humour … and so much more.  A print magazine with wonderful worlds conjured for young readers through words and pictures.  And I knew right then that I wanted to work with her and share her vision and help bring this magazine to life.  So, we started working together and the magazine is now so close to being a reality.

Today the website launched at and the plan is to make sure that alongside being the place that you go to subscribe to the magazine the website will have fresh and original features and blogs, information about the competitions for young readers which are a very important part of the magazine as we want to feature our readers work alongside the amazing authors whose  bios are also on the site.  Please do go and have a look and please do let us know what you think.

Issue one will be available on the 23rd September and we will publish ten issues a year.  (August and December will be the missing months!)  It is a perfect Christmas present, birthday present or just simply present present for the child in your life that will bring year round reading pleasure.